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Outsourcing Consultant

We provide an Outsourcing Consultant service. Outsourcing consultant assists businesses in making informed decisions about outsourcing certain functions or processes to external service providers. Outsourcing consultants aim to optimize cost savings, enhance efficiency, and ensure a smooth transition while maintaining the quality of services and achieving the desired business outcome.

Provisioning & Cutover Management

We provide Provisioning and circuit cutover management services. Telecom provisioning and circuit cutover management are vital components of network operations. Both telecom provisioning and circuit cutover management are crucial for maintaining seamless communication services while introducing improvements to the network. Proper execution of these processes requires detailed planning, technical expertise, and precise coordination among various teams involved in network operations.


Our company offers MOP service. MOP (Method of Procedure) is a detailed and structured document that includes step-by-step instructions for performing a specific task or procedure related to the network. MOP instructions provide detailed information on the equipment, configurations, and actions needed to complete tasks. MOPs are essential in ensuring consistency, minimizing errors, and maintaining the integrity of the network while performing tasks such as network maintenance, upgrades, installations, or migrations. They provide clear guidelines for technicians and engineers to follow, helping to reduce risks and ensuring the successful execution of complex network operations.

Network Migration

We provide Network Migration services. Telecom network migration involves a transition from one communication infrastructure to another, often involving upgrading or replacing outdated technology with newer, more advanced systems. This complex process requires careful planning, testing, and execution to minimize service disruption. Migration involves tasks like data transfer, reconfiguration of devices, testing for compatibility, and ensuring data integrity. The goal is to achieve improved performance, enhanced features, and better efficiency while maintaining uninterrupted communication services for users during the transition.

Network Planning

We provide Network planning and design services. Designing a telecommunications network involves careful consideration of multiple components, as well as their planning, configuration, and implementation. It also includes network topology, equipment selection, bandwidth allocation, security measures, and scalability. The process aims to optimize data, voice, and video transmission, ensuring seamless connectivity while managing network coverage, capacity, latency, and cost-effectiveness. Overall, telecom network design strives to create a robust infrastructure that meets the communication needs of users and businesses.

Network Decommissioning

We provide a decommissioning service. Telecom network and equipment decommissioning involves the systematic shutdown and removal of outdated or unused network components such as routers, switches, and infrastructure. This process includes assessing equipment functionality, disconnecting circuits, terminating services, coordinating with various teams for a smooth transition, executing planned shutdowns, removing physical equipment, and updating documentation to reflect changes. By decommissioning obsolete elements, the telecom network becomes more efficient through optimizing network capacity, which leads to operational effectiveness and cost savings.

Network Audit

We provide a Network Audit service. Telecom audits encompass two key aspects: a physical network equipment audit ensures accurate inventory and installation of telecom components, while a network database audit evaluates network health and efficiency. Both audits optimize resources, enhance performance, and strengthen network reliability by addressing equipment accuracy and network optimization.

Database Cleanup

Our Telecom database cleanup service utilizes a range of technologies and approaches to achieve cost savings and increase available bandwidth on the network. By following a step-by-step approach, we can make significant improvements to network efficiency, resulting in cost savings and greater bandwidth availability.


Our company offers services for optimizing Telecom networks. This involves implementing a variety of strategies and techniques to enhance network performance, improve network efficiency, and ensure network reliability. Our goal is to increase network capacity, improve user experience, and maintain quality of service while keeping operational costs low.